International Lecture Series: “International Chinese Culture and Culinary”

January 24, 2020, The Lyceum of the Philippines University recently conducted an International Lecture Series with the topic International Chinese Culture and Culinary at the Audio-Visual Theater just a day before the celebration of Chinese New Year. Ms. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, VP for Administration, lead the event by welcoming students and guests to the lecture while as Dr. Ramon Maniago, Executive Dean, introduced the lecturer. Students such as Tourism Management, Culinary, Foreign Service, and even Information Technology as well as the foreign exchange students from Huaiyin Institute of Technology in Jiangsu, China, the program chairs and deans from different departments were invited to the lecture whereas, the lecture proper was given by the Vice  Dean of Foreign Language of the Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Dr Sun Jianguang.

Sun Jianguang, began his lecture with three parts, first discussing on the history and about Huai’an, the city of the province in Jiangsu, he later on discussed the infrastructures in terms of transportation, including their infamous waterways, freeways, skyways, high-speed railways and airports as being a center of tourism as well as remarkable stories behind those certain cuisines. Huaian cuisine is one of the tradition for Great Cuisines in China.

Dr. Sun Jianghuang, discussing his lecture.

In line with this, he also mentioned the main materials for the cuisine, the culinary skills and culinary methods that are used such. He then also mentioned the similarities in the cuisines of Filipinos and Chinese, as the students were relating to the situation themselves. The last part of the lecture were the immersions, he discussed the many tourism attractions and gave brief introduction and the life at Huaiyin Institute of Technology. Dr Mark Irvin Celis, dean of CITHM closed the program with his heartful remarks and expressed his gratitude for the students, department head for joining the lecture.

Dr. Sun Jianguang receiving the certificate and token of recognition