LPU is dedicated to the development of the integral individual who constantly seeks the truth and acts with fortitude in the service to God and country. As a university, one of its primary missions is to advance and preserve knowledge by undertaking research and disseminating and utilizing the results. Cognizant of the mission, the Research and Publications Office (RPO) serves as the medium for the cultivation, innovation, and development of researches, mobilization of researchers, evaluation of research outputs, publication of studies, and integration-utilization of researches. RPO also functions as a medium to constantly innovate and integrate researches in devising and enhancing the strategies and techniques that will further improve instruction, professional learning and development, and community and industry extension, towards nation-building.

Established in 2009, the Research and Publication Office (RPC) became the lead office in steering LPU’s Research Mission. Research policies and procedures, consistent with ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management system, were formulated. To support this administrative reorganization, job description for RPO managers and staff were reformulated and research policies and practices were fine-tuned. Research activities were likewise devolved to the colleges with the creation of the Quality Circle on Research (QC 5) on November 2009. This led to the more active involvement of college in planning and implementing research activities. Foremost in their responsibilities is the formulation of a College Research Agenda (CRA), which is needed for the advancement of higher education as well as for national development, and to promote and facilitate the dissemination and utilization of research outputs.

In 2013, RPC was renamed Research, Publication and Innovation center (RPIC) to address the challenge of research utilization in the Knowledge-Based Innovation economy. RPIC acquires the role of the university’s research and innovation system as a vehicle to contribute to economic development, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

During the November 2013 Management Review and Planning, the prominent role of research in the 2023 LPU Vision was articulated. Research has become an integral part in the delivery of quality educational services, whether academic or non-academic.  In addition to scholarly research, LPU faculty and staff are encouraged to engage in action research. To continuously improve their teaching skills (content and pedagogy), LPU faculty members are expected to conduct research. Researches are evaluated on the dissemination, utilization, commercialization, innovation and impact to the institution, community or industry. Academic support units are expected to adopt research-based innovative practices in the delivery of quality educational services.

In 2015, as part of an ongoing evolution of structures, roles and responsibilities, the office was renamed as Research and Innovation Center (RIC) to handle faculty research, and the Research and Technical Skills Development Office (RTSD) was designed to handle non-faculty research together with technical skills training. When technical education was given its own office, the department retained the name Research and Innovation Center (RIC) until 2020, when it was finally called Research and Publications Office (RPO).


By 2023, LPU shall become a global knowledge center in the Asia Pacific region, a prime mover in the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipinos, and a seedbed for young, Filipino creative and innovative talent.

The LPU research vision is aligned with Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) vision to “advance the development of the country’s human and intellectual capital by catalyzing a Philippine higher education system that is locally responsive and globally competitive and serve as a force for lifelong learning, innovation, and social and cultural transformation” – CHED Strategic Plan 2017-2022.


Anchored on CHED’s principles of higher education and LPU’s educational philosophy, LPU sets the research agenda and supporting initiatives aimed at the production of high-quality researches. LPU research agenda includes:

  1. improving LPU’s research capability towards international competitiveness
    • Research capability building programs for faculty members and academic support personnel (ASPs)
    • Strengthening graduate education in priority disciplines.
  2. enhancing LPU’s research productivity thru:
    • provision of research funds for institutional researches
    • institutionalization of system of rewards and incentives for research undertakings and outputs of faculty and ASP researchers
    • adoption of mentoring, monitoring and peer-review system in research outputs
  3. generating new knowledge needed for the advancement of higher education as well as for national development thru:
    • dovetailing research with R&D initiatives of CHED, DOST and other funding sponsors
    • international and local networking and linkages,
  4. promoting and facilitating dissemination and utilization of research outputs thru:
    • supporting dissemination of research outputs
    • research utilization and technology commercialization programs


  • Institutional Development and Quality Management
  • Outcomes-Based Education
  • Health, Wellness, and Medical Sciences
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Media and Information and Communications Technology
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • ASEAN studies
  • Global Affairs
  • Graduate Tracer Studies