Internationalization and External Affairs

The Internationalization and External Affairs (IEA) of LPU Cavite is the main agent of the university to establish linkages and partnerships that would foster understanding and synergy among higher educational institutions and industries for the development of its programs and activities. In line with the university’s mission to “establish local and international linkages that will be the source of learning and growth of the members of the academic community”, IEA promotes various programs that would ensure global, excellent, and quality education and services toward its stakeholders through the collaboration with different partner institutions. These programs are crafted to provide opportunities that would maximize the full potential of the stakeholders in becoming global and future-proof citizens.

LPU Cavite Borderless Learning Experience Program (BLEx) provides positive aspects of internationalization initiatives that include improved academic quality, internationally oriented students and faculty, and national and international citizenship for students and faculty. The program is divided into four (4) areas namely: (1) Student and Faculty Mobility Program; (2) Center for International Students; (3) International Linkages; and (4) Global Education.

IEA Mission

Promote stronger international partnerships for quality global education

IEA Vision

LPU Cavite – The leading Philippine HEI for the promotion of global and life-long learning for its stakeholders through strong synergies with international partners

IEA Strategic Thrusts

G – Globalize institutional programs and activities to promote the advancement of knowledge and to enhance the development of global and future-proof stakeholders

L –  Link and establish partnerships with international higher education institutions and industries

O – Offer international students and local students a conducive learning environment that promotes equality, equity, and inclusivity

B – Bring borderless learning to the LPU Cavite stakeholders through the various international partnerships and linkages

E –  Engage LPU Cavite stakeholders in various global opportunities for their growth and self-development