Pista ng Wika at LPU Cavite Showcases Vibrant Filipino Culture and Language

– Ms. Johniel Policarpio

The Mahogany Lobby at LPU Cavite came alive with vibrant colors, traditional flavors, and enthusiastic students on September 28, 2023, as the Junior High School students of the International School celebrated “Pista ng Wika” with the theme “Wikang Filipino, Wika ng Pag-Ibig: Isang Pagdiriwang!” This event served as a delightful platform for students to immerse themselves in Filipino culture and language while fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for their heritage.

The event featured a variety of activities that showcased the diverse festivals and cuisines found throughout the country. Each section created booths dedicated to a specific Filipino feast, resulting in a mouthwatering assortment of dishes for the judges to savor. The students participated in folk song and folk dance competitions set to the tune of Cariñosa. Spoken poetry performances and a food-tasting event further enriched the cultural experience for attendees.

The event not only showcased the creativity and talent of LPU Cavite’s Junior High School students but also served as a reminder of the richness and diversity that can be found within the Philippines.