Letter to Grade 10 and Grade 12 Students of LPU Cavite IS



General Trias City, Cavite

May 11, 2021

Dear Grade 10 and Grade 12 students, 

Good day! I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.

Now that you have reached the last grade level for your current program, I am sure that you are looking forward to participating in the ceremonies that traditionally marked the completion of studies in Junior High School or Senior High School. Perhaps, when you learned that the completion or graduation ceremonies last year were conducted virtually, you expected – as I did – that these colorful gatherings will resume in 2021 so we can take part in them. Unfortunately, this is still not possible this year. Inasmuch as we would want you and your parents/guardians to actually experience these momentous occasions, we would like to prioritize your health and safety by not requiring you to leave your homes or to expose you to health risks, also in compliance to existing government regulations.

Still, we would want to cap the school year with activities that may resemble our usual end-of-school-year rites. With this, allow me to make the following announcements and reminders:

  1. For students who have incurred a rating of INC (Incomplete) during the second semester of School Year 2019-2020, the last day of completion of requirements is on May 28, 2021, Friday. Please remember that what is due on May 28, 2021 is the submission of complete requirements for all subjects with INC rating and not just the submission of the letter of request. You may find the corresponding guidelines and procedures through this link: Guidelines for the Completion of Requirements to Remove the “Inc” Mark Incurred During Second Semester, S.Y. 2019-2020 Failure to complete all the requirements following the guidelines and procedures on or before May 28, 2021 shall mean conversion of each INC mark to a failing grade.
  2. The deadline of submission of fourth quarterly assessment requirements will be on June 4, 2021, Friday. You are advised to submit 3 to 4 school days ahead of the deadline and to follow the instructions of your respective subject teachers regarding the compliance to the requirements and the mode of submission.
  3. In lieu of a Recognition Day ceremony, the list of academic achievement awardees will be posted in the LPU Cavite website and a virtual LPU Cavite IS Excellence Awards will be livestreamed in our LPU Cavite International School Facebook page. The schedule of this activities will also be posted in the same Facebook page. You will also be informed through the same Facebook page about the posting of the tentative and eventually the official list of candidates for Junior High School completion and Senior High School graduation.
  4. The Mass of Thanksgiving, the virtual Junior High School Completion Ceremonies and the virtual Commencement Exercises (for Senior High School) will be livestreamed through the Facebook page of LPU Cavite IS on dates to be announced soon.
  5. To ensure that the preparations and activities related to the completion/graduation will not put anyone to risk of acquiring COVID-19, please be informed that we will NOT have a graduation photoshoot and we will not publish a souvenir program or yearbook for this school year.
  6. Starting May 19, 2021, Wednesday, the Accounting Office will accept payments for completion fee (for Grade 10 students) or graduation fee (for Grade 12 students) through any of the available off-site payment channels (see Offsite Payment Channels).
    • For Grade 10 students, the completion fee of P1,280.00 will cover expenses for the certificate of completion (and its holder), processing of Form 137-A, and the courier service fee.
    • For Grade 12 students, the graduation fee of P2,100 will cover expenses for the diploma (and its holder), processing of Form 137-A. It also includes the payment for the alumni ID, alumni association membership fee and the courier service fee.
    • Payment of the completion/graduation fee does not, in any way, signify your inclusion in the official list of candidates for Junior High School completion or Senior High School graduation, whichever is applicable.
    • The delivery of the certificate of completion (for Grade 10 completers) or the high school diploma (for Senior High School completers) and other related documents will start several days after the virtual completion/graduation ceremonies. Since access to the campus is limited only to a certain percent of essential workers, these documents will be delivered through courier service. Please note that the Form 137-A will be issued on a school-to-school basis.
  7. Kindly submit a copy of your digital picture following the instructions below:
    • Take a picture of yourself while wearing our complete school uniform and following our personal grooming guidelines as stipulated in the Student Handbook. You may ask the assistance of family members from your household; however, you are discouraged to have your picture taken outside of your residence or involving people who do not belong to your own household.
    • In taking your picture, use a plain white background and ensure good lighting.
    • The picture must be of portrait orientation and must capture the area of your face up to your shoulders, with enough background space around your face.
    • Submit only one copy of your digital picture to the LPU email of your class adviser not later than May 26, 2021, Wednesday.
      • Name the file using the following format: [Section]_[Surname].[FirstName]. (example: ABM129_DelaCruz.Juana)
      • Use the same file name for the subject of your email.
    • In sending your digital photo to LPU Cavite through your class adviser, you are affirming your consent and that of your parent/guardian to the use of the said picture for purposes related to the end-of-school year rites of LPU Cavite International School.
    • The committee for the virtual completion/graduation ceremonies have the right to accept or not accept the submitted digital photo based on the compliance on the above-mentioned instructions.
    • Failure to submit the digital picture properly on or before May 26, 2021 shall mean giving the committee the consent to use the LPU Cavite IS logo in place of your own picture during the virtual ceremonies.
    • Submission of your digital photo does not, in any way, confirm your inclusion in the official list of candidates for Junior High School completion or Senior High School graduation, whichever is applicable.
  8. You are expected to read the provisions about the Junior High School Completion or the Commencement Exercises in the chapter on Academic Regulations in your respective Student Handbooks.

You are expected to inform your parents about the foregoing announcements and reminders or simply to let them read this letter. If your have concerns related to what is contained in this letter, please do not hesitate to bring them to the attention of your class adviser.

Together, let us pray for the end of this pandemic and for the speedy roll-out of effective vaccines. I hope that our current difficult situation will not dampen your spirit in completing your requirements for the fourth quarter and in preparing for the next higher level of study.

Whatever difficulty you may be facing right now, please know that you are strong and you are stronger with God’s grace and with the help of the people who care for you and who love you. COVID-19 has forced us to appreciate the essentials in life, and if the time comes when the pandemic is over, I hope that we will not lose sight of them.

This may not be the best time for you to end your study experience in Junior High School or Senior High School, but for sure, your decision to continue learning as a Lycean student even during this pandemic is one of the best decisions you made in life. As you move on to Senior High School or to college, may you cherish the good moments you spent in LPU Cavite IS, and always live by the ideals and core values that makes us all Lyceans.

Yours in veritas et fortitudo,

Mhar Angelo A. Bayot (Sgd.)