JHS Student Government Holds Acquaintance Party After Two-Year Hiatus

John C. Artus | 10-Narra

A Pirate-themed Acquaintance Party for Junior High School students was held last December 13, 2022. Students from Grades 7 to 10 participated in the event. Mr. Mhar Angelo A. Bayot, IS Headmaster, and Ms. Ana Liezl P. Liveta, JHS Coordinator, were also present together with the JHS teachers.

After registration was fully completed at around 1:00, the invocation and the singing of the Philippine national anthem were led by the JHS Student Government officers. The opening remarks was then delivered by Elthea D. Villaluz, JHS Student Government President. Afterwards, each section presented their group yell which they prepared beforehand.

This was followed by a set of games designed for students from the different grade levels to get to know each other a bit more. JHS SG officers who served as game masters for activities such as “bring me” and “the boat is sinking.” The respective winners of the games were given prizes & goodie bags for each game. After the games, a set of raffles were held before the opening of the dance floor, with corresponding prizes.

With lights dimmed, the dance floor was opened. Along with a DJ, the students were left to dance their hearts out, while supervised by faculty members of the JHS Faculty. Some were seen breakdancing, others slow-dancing, and circles quickly formed to hype other dancers who shed their shells of shyness to explode on the dance floor of the university auditorium. Students were free to queue and request songs to under the discretion of the DJ and their music library catalog.

At around 4:00 PM, another set of raffles were held, after which the awarding was held. Awards include the Mr. and Ms. Acquaintance Party and the Best Class Yell.

Before the closing remarks, the tradition of JHS SG officers from previous school years was continued, with all members of the JHS Student Government leading a dance Zumba on the stage with students and faculty members joining.

At around 5:00 in the afternoon, the program was wrapped up by closing remarks by Daenah Louise P. Pancho, JHS SG Vice-President External, followed by the singing of the LPU Hymn. After the event, a restoration activity observing 5S was carried out by all students inside the university auditorium.

John C. Artus, JHS SG Public Information Officer and Elthea D. Villaluz, JHS SG President served as the hosts of the activity.

Photo credits: Jasmine Alzaga and John Artus