International School celebrates Language Festival

Ms. Cherry Mae Panong

On September 20, 2023, the LPU Cavite’s University Auditorium came alive with vibrant colors, resonating voices, and a rich tapestry of languages from around the world. The much-anticipated International School Language Festival 2023 is a celebration of the profound importance of language in our lives. In an increasingly interconnected world where globalization and technology have bridged the gaps between nations, the value of language cannot be overstated.

This year’s Language Festival aimed to not only showcase the beauty of linguistic diversity but also emphasize the pivotal role language plays in shaping our societies and fostering understanding among diverse cultures. The event commenced with a welcome remark from Ms. Lalaine B. Cazar, the Senior High School Coordinator, who articulated the festival’s purpose eloquently: language is not just a means of communication; it is the essence of our identities, our histories, and our collective human experience.

The Language Festival seeks to remind us of the power of words to unite, inspire, and transform. The festival’s program featured a kaleidoscope of linguistic presentations and performances.

The elimination round for the Scrabble Competition was held on September 14, 2023, at J402. Then, the final round was held at the Academic Resource Center on September 15, 2023. Sean Chadler Abiera from ADT 121 won the championship round of the scrabble competition.

Metamorphosing was a unique activity that challenged participants to transform a simple story into a multilingual masterpiece. In this competition, storytellers took the stage, captivating the audience as they seamlessly switched between languages, showcasing the beauty of linguistic fluidity. In the end, Cedrick James Maurillo from AT-STEM 121 arrived victorious.

The declamation contest was another crowd favorite. The speakers of the Declamation impressed the audience with their dramatic delivery of their declamation piece, I Killed Her. Students and seasoned orators delivered powerful speeches, not only showcasing their linguistic prowess but also conveying heartfelt messages of unity, diversity, and the importance of communication in a globalized world. Matt Reiden Kidpo from AT-HUMSS 111 was awarded third place; Lyciah Feliz Dañez from AT-STEM 114 took second place; and Yaehl Santino Delos Santos proved to be victorious.

The competitors in Storytelling exhibited their creativity in narrating a Filipino short story, Ang Kalupi. Storytelling sessions were scattered throughout the day, where individuals from different sections and strands shared personal anecdotes. These stories transcended borders, leaving listeners with a profound appreciation for the richness of global storytelling traditions.  Jhoreine Agdalpen from ADT 112 was triumphant.

One of the most exciting aspects of the festival was the literary cosplay competition. Attendees donned costumes inspired by their favorite literary characters, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. It was a testament to how language and literature can inspire creativity and bring fictional worlds to life. Sean Andre Encina from TVL-HEC 111 won the competition. Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to experience the beauty of culture and language. As the sun set over the Lyceum campus, the festival concluded with a breathtaking announcement of winners and a harmonious blend of voices singing, transcending the barriers of language. Language Festival 2023 left a lasting impression on Lycean students, reminding them that language is more than a tool for communication; it is the vessel of our shared humanity. This celebration of linguistic diversity served as a potent reminder of our shared humanity and the crucial role that language plays in uniting us all in a world where differences frequently divide people.