Face-to-face Induction Ceremony for International School New Student Officers

by Gail Fernandez, Assistant Administrative Coordinator, IS

The Induction of Student Officers was held on November 25, 2022, in the University Auditorium. Selected faculty members of the International School welcomed and accommodated the participants during the registration which started at 12:30PM. After the registration, Ms. Kresha Joy Ciocson, administrative coordinator, led a short rehearsal and briefing to the student officers.

At exactly 1:30PM, the master of ceremony, Mr. Gail Fernandez, assistant administrative coordinator, formally opened the program. Ms. Carla Denise Luzon, vice president internal of the senior high school student government, led the invocation which was followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

To welcome the participants to the induction ceremony, Ms. Elthea Villaluz, president of the junior high school government, delivered the welcome remarks. As the representative of junior high school officers and students, she shared her excitement toward their term, and their optimism on the plans and activities they will be conducting in the coming week.

After the welcome remarks, the headmaster of the International School, Mr. Mhar Angelo A. Bayot, briefly introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Arnel M. Avelino, Dean of the College of Engineering, Computer Studies, and Architecture, to deliver a talk about effective leadership. Dr. Avelino shared his humble beginnings and how he strived to become a college dean. He also shared some motivating words inspired by the principles of physics and led a quiz game where he offered prizes to students who participated. He concluded his talk by enumerating the characteristics of an effective leader, and the importance of being an empathetic and mindful leader.

Following the leadership talk, Dr. Avelino was awarded with a certificate of appreciation by Dr. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil, Vice President for Administration, Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis, Assistant Vice President for Administration and Dean of CITHM, and Mr. Mhar Angelo A. Bayot. The participants were entertained right after by a dance performance from selected students from the junior high school.

This was followed by the highlight of the program, the introduction to student officers. Ms. Star Gutierrez, faculty member of the International School, introduced the officers of the International School Arts Circle (ISAC). After this, the officers of eight senior high school student organizations were introduced as follows by their respective advisers: Ms. Divine Graciae Bautista for ABM Society, Mr. Glen Lino Guañezo for STEM Society, Mr. Louie Angelo Guarte for Social Science Circle, Mr. Ralph Jay Hernandez for Information and Communication Technology Guild (E-Piratas), Mr. Christian Villamer for Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary (HTC) Guild, Mr. Loyd Asunan for Junior Pirates Pep Squad, Mr. Gail Fernandez for Sining Laurel (SiLau), and Ms. Jenny Sobrevega for Language League.

The editorial board of The Young Leaf, the official publication of the International School, was introduced by the school paper adviser, Ms. Krishna Arabella King. Finally, the Junior and Senior High School Student Government officers were introduced by Ms. Ceres Dimapilis, and Ms. Kresha Joy Ciocson, respectively.

After all student organizations and officers were introduced, Dr. Maria Teresa O. Pilapil led the oath taking. The representatives received their certificate of recognition, and their organizations were finally recognized as official student organizations of the International School.

To wrap up the program, Ms. Alyssa Marie Tabios, president of the senior high school student government, delivered the president’s address. Ms. Tabios, on behalf of all student officers, expressed her sincerest gratitude to the International School, and the entire LPU community for entrusting them to lead their fellow students. She also shared some inspiring words to motivate the student officers to give their best efforts as they assume their duties and responsibilities. Finally, she urged all student leaders to serve their fellow students with integrity and compassion, and to serve as ideal role models to everyone.

The program was officially concluded by the singing of the LPU Hymn.

After the program proper, the officers for each student organization were called on stage for a photo opportunity with the University officials.