A Student-Athlete turned Licensed Engineer

Engr. Euoj Carl Cruzada, a proud and loyal alumnus of LPU Cavite, is a successful engineer that belongs to the youngest crop of the country’s competent engineers. A graduate of LPU Cavite International School in 2014, he shared some of his high school experiences that defined his career.

As he looks back at his high school life in the International School of LPU Cavite, he talked about the opportunities that opened up when the university granted him a scholarship. “One of the opportunities is that I played the sports that I love and able to play in national league. Also, I experienced to study in a prestigious school,” he said.

Being a part of the Junior Pirates Basketball Team and competing in leagues such as the NCAA, Cruzada shared that being a student and an athlete at the same time had its fair share of struggles especially in managing his time. To continue his commitment being a student athlete, he learned eventually accepting the fact that as a student-athlete, he would have to juggle hours of practice, games, and travel on top of his academic responsibilities.

When he was a student-athlete, Cruzada had to deal with failures and mistakes. He shared that the most important lesson for him was, “…failure is a necessary part of the learning process. I learned how to win by falling flat on my face a few times. Athletes’ competitiveness kicks in when they struggle or lose, and they are driven to be the best.”

Asked if he would want to change anything about him being a student-athlete in high school, he said, “I would not trade my experiences of being a student-athlete for anything. Even though they weren’t the easiest years of my life, they taught me a lot of life lessons.”

Cruzada is only grateful for all the learning experiences he had during his stay in LPU Cavite and it makes him proud that he was once the university’s student. He talks about how LPU Cavite has prepared him for life after college. He learned how to be more disciplined and how to prioritize better.

When asked about the biggest factor behind his current success, he credits it all to his sacrifices, hardships, and the support of his loved ones who truly believed in him and his capabilities.

Of all his achievements so far, passing the Mechanical Engineering Board Exam is one of the things that he’s proud of. “I am blessed that out of thousands who took that board exam, I made it”, he said.

Today, he still brings the important lesson he learned in LPU Cavite which is to always take action but remember not to let it burn you out. He shared to the aspiring student athletes, “Be sure to keep track of your grades and get a good academic start. There will be many distractions, and it will be tempting to forget about your grades, so you must ensure that you complete all of your assignments and perform in the classroom. Also, make sure you work hard in your sport every day and enjoy every moment!”