Speaker Offers Glimpse into Indigenous People

The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite’s office for Community Outreach and Service Learning (COSeL) hosted a webinar on March 11, 2022 in celebration of this year’s 14th Foundation Week festivities. The title of the webinar was: A Meaningful Encounter with an Indigenous Filipino Community.

The guest speaker was Dr. Maria Rita Reyes Cucio, a Political Science professor and director of the University Research Center of Far Eastern University – Manila. Dr. Cucio, who delivered her address from the Malolos Chancery in Bulacan, spoke of her research involving a Mangyan community in Mindoro. The research paved the way for deeper appreciation, interest and involvement in the life, not only of the Mangyans, but also later, of the Dumagats in Bulacan.

Dr. Cucio shared her actual experiences and learned insights and this provoked interested reactions from the faculty and students who participated in the event. The webinar enriched both knowledge and desire of the LPU Cavite community as it prepares to expand its outreach activities to include our country’s hidden treasures – our brothers and sisters in the indigenous communities.