Refining Dining Etiquette: A Table Setting Workshop at Le Café

In an effort to refine dining etiquette and foster social graces among the youth, a transformative workshop was organized by the Community Outreach and Service Learning in collaboration with the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management and Center for Technical Education. The event took place at Le Café on April 6, 2024, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon. The event aimed to empower 21 youths from the Bukid Kabataan Center through individualized, hands-on training in table setting and etiquette. The workshop was facilitated by six students of CITHM as the trainers and were supervised by their adviser, Dr. Andrew Nico O. Pilapil.

The workshop started with an immersive exploration of table setting techniques and proper dining etiquette.

Hands-On Training: The heart of the workshop lay in its individualized, hands-on approach, providing participants with a unique opportunity to engage directly with the intricacies of table setting. Guided by experienced trainers, participants delved into the art of arranging glassware, silverware, and china ware, learning to discern the subtle nuances of each arrangement based on the occasion at hand.

Return Demonstrations: Empowered by newfound knowledge and confidence, participants eagerly embraced the chance to showcase their skills through return demonstrations. With grace and precision, they meticulously set tables for various occasions, showcasing their ability to adapt to diverse dining scenarios with poise and sophistication.

Identification of Wares: Central to the workshop was the task of identifying different types of glassware, silverware, and china ware used in formal dining settings. Through interactive exercises and guided instruction, participants developed a keen eye for detail, learning to discern the appropriate wares for each course and occasion.

Empowering Youth: Beyond the technicalities of table setting, the workshop served as a platform for personal growth and empowerment. Participants emerged from the experience with newfound confidence, equipped not only with practical skills but also with a deeper understanding of the importance of etiquette in social interactions.