Legal Forum on the Importance of Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

On May 3, 2024, from 1 PM to 4 PM, a legal forum emphasizing the significance of gender equality and women’s rights took place at Barangay Buenavista III local covered court. This event is a collaborative effort among the members of the LPU Legal Studies Society, Community Outreach and Service Learning, and Team SDG 5 headed by Director Lourdes Reyes. This event served as a beacon of empowerment and enlightenment, focusing on legal avenues to champion equality and justice for all, regardless of gender.

This event aligns closely with Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality. By raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and empowering women to assert their rights, the legal forum contributes significantly to the global efforts towards achieving gender equality and ensuring the full participation and leadership of women in all spheres of life.

The event was graced by Atty. Shally Mae Villa, a distinguished legal advocate renowned for her dedication to promoting gender equality and women’s rights. With her expertise and passion, Atty. Villa illuminated the audience with insightful perspectives and practical knowledge, igniting discussions that resonated deeply within the hearts and minds of the participants.

Throughout the forum, the women of Barangay Buenavista III actively engaged in dialogues, sharing personal experiences, and exchanging ideas on how to navigate legal frameworks to address gender-based discrimination and promote inclusivity. From understanding labor laws to combating domestic violence, every aspect of the legal spectrum was explored with enthusiasm and determination.

Furthermore, the esteemed resource speaker delivered an insightful discourse on crucial topics pertinent to workplace ethics and employee welfare. Of significant focus was the comprehensive discussion on sexual harassment in the workplace, shedding light on its various forms, legal ramifications, and the imperative measures required for prevention and redressal.

Attorney Villa also expounded on the critical issue of Violence Against Women and Children (VAWCI), elucidating its grave societal implications and the legal frameworks designed to combat such acts. Through a blend of case studies, legal precedents, and practical insights, attendees gained a profound understanding of the multifaceted nature of these issues and the indispensable role of legal mechanisms in safeguarding the rights and dignity of individuals within the workplace.

The session proved to be instrumental in fostering a heightened awareness among participants, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and tools to effectively address and mitigate instances of sexual harassment and VAWCI within their respective spheres of influence.