COSEL and Teacher Education Students Launch Project KANLONG

Our selected Teacher Education students, in cooperation with the office of Community Outreach and Service Learning (COSEL) recently launched a service-learning initiative called Project K.A.N.L.O.N.G or Project – Knowledge Assistance and Nourishment in Lessons Openly Nurtured for Growth. This project aims to immerse our Teacher Education students in the spirit of volunteerism by reaching out to the less privileged learners of our adopted community, Bukid Kabataan.

During their vacant time, our 1st and 2nd year Teacher Education students taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education gave free online tutorials to the identified students from the Bukid Kabataan community. The project was launched on the first week of June and lasted for almost three weeks. They helped the learners from Bukid Kabataan Foundation in terms of reviewing and answering lessons reflected in their learning packets and course modules.

Project KANLONG is envisioned to become a regular activity for the Teacher Education students and will be part and parcel of their academic requirements in the various Professional Education subjects. This project will eventually include actual faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Through this initiative, the students and faculty can fulfill what the curriculum requires, may improve learning experiences based on community feedback, and enables the students to undergo hands-on teaching experience, while our adopted community contributes to the formation of graduates who are more ready for life and more equipped for the world of work.