COECSA Responds to Bukid Kabataan Request

Sis Ailyn BInco, RGS, of Bukid-Kabataan requested the university’s help with needs of the institution. The College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Architecture (COECSA) sent a team of faculty members to discuss the matter.

After the discussion between COECSA and Bukid Kabataan representatives on August 4, 2021, and a site visit on August 17, 2021, it was learned that the latter needed the following: drawing of emergency evacuation plan for the building, standard fire exit and fire extinguisher labels, building labels, plans for additional ladders for fire exit, and key plan in site. The COECSA team quickly drafted an action plan corresponding to the needs identified. The completion of the project is underway and COECSA’s Architect Alma Libranda is monitoring the progress of the project.