CFAD Student Organization Assists Bukid-Kabataan

The Lyceum Group of Multimedia Arts and Creatives (LYGMMAC) responded to the request of Bukid Kabataan for assistance in producing a video for the institution.

According to Sis Ailyn Binco, RGS, it has a been a dream of Bukid Kabataan to have a video that presents the vision, goals and objectives as well as the programs and activities of their institution. Such material will be helpful in introducing and promoting the institution to interested parties. It will also be a valuable documentation for internal purposes of the religious congregation that handles the institution. Sis Ailyn mentioned the plan to Dr Maria Teresa O Pilapil, Vice President for Administration of LPU-Cavite, who expressed enthusiastic support.

Through an initial online meeting between Dean Javi Laurel of the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD), Sis Ailyn, a CFAD instructor, and representatives of COSEL on July 13, 2021, the idea was further discussed and elaborated. This led Dean Laurel to decide to endorse the project to the officers of LYGMMAC. The student organization has since followed-up on the project by coordinating with Bukid Kabataan and by planning the execution of the video project which is expected to be finished by November 2021. The student organization’s activities are guided and monitored closely by their faculty adviser, Ms Diosary Timbol.