Celebrating Earth Day 2024: A Collaborative Community Gardening Initiative

In celebration of Earth Day 2024, a collaborative effort was undertaken at Barangay Buenavista III, uniting the International School’s Student Government, COSEL (Community Outreach and Service Learning), and LPU Earth with the locals of Barangay Buenavista III, City of General Trias.. This endeavor aimed not only to commemorate Earth Day but also to foster community engagement and sustainable livelihood through gardening.

Phase I. Preparing the Ground for Community Gardening

The first phase of the project was to prepare the land for cultivation. Volunteers cleared overgrown vegetation from the designated plot.

Phase II. Plot Preparation

On April 23, 2026, members of the International School’s Student Government, along with enthusiastic locals from Barangay Buenavista III, gathered to commence the plot preparation for the community gardening project

IS student volunteers digging the soil using hand tools such as shovels and spades. This manual excavation technique minimized soil compaction and disturbance, preserving soil structure and microbial activity crucial for plant growth.

Phase III. Seed Planting

Event Highlights On April 26, 2024, participants delved into planting a diverse array of vegetables including eggplant, chili peppers, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, and spring onions.

Empowerment Through Collaboration

What truly distinguished this initiative was the seamless collaboration between diverse stakeholders. The International School’s Student Government brought youthful energy and a passion for sustainability, while the local women of Barangay Buenavista III infused the project with their invaluable knowledge and dedication.

Impact and Sustainability.   The impact of the community gardening initiative extended far beyond the planting of seeds. It served as a catalyst for environmental awareness, instilling in participants a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. Moreover, the cultivation of vegetables not only promoted self-sufficiency but also laid the foundation for a sustainable livelihood within the community. By fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and empowerment, this initiative has the potential to yield long-term benefits for both the environment and the residents of Barangay Buenavista III.

Looking Ahead: As we reflect on the success of this endeavor, let us not view it as an isolated event but rather as the beginning of a journey towards a more sustainable future. The seeds planted on Earth Day 2024 symbolize not only the promise of abundant harvests but also the potential for growth, resilience, and positive change. Moving forward, let us continue to cultivate our shared commitment to environmental conservation, community engagement, and empowerment, ensuring that the spirit of Earth Day lives on in our hearts and actions.