Academic Affairs Guidelines


Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite places a strong emphasis on the value of students acquiring their own knowledge and abilities as opposed to depending on AI tools. The institution wants to make sure that everyone has equal access to resources and that differences in skill with AI technologies doesn’t lead to unequal possibilities for education. The guideline is essential for promoting the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) by students within the university community, and can ensure that academic integrity is maintained and students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen field. Academic integrity can be maintained by preventing plagiarism, encouraging originality, and evaluating learning outcomes when students are prohibited from using AI tools.

The guidelines aim to encourage critical thinking and originality, reduce technological inequality, ensure privacy and security, help students develop non-technology-dependent problem-solving skills, protect against biases in AI tools.

  1. AI education is included in specific courses like Advanced Holistic Professional Development (AHPD01G).
  2. The use of AI tools for academic work is restricted to ensure student engagement and skill development.
  3. AI-based translation tools are prohibited in language projects to ensure fair skill development.
  4. Student work will be checked for originality using Turnit in to maintain academic integrity.