University Officials

List of university officials as of July 13, 2022:

Board of Trustees
Ms. Lorna P. LaurelChairman
Atty. Roberto P. LaurelMember
Dr. Peter P. LaurelMember
Ms. Sarah L. LopezMember
Mr. Carlos P. LaurelMember
Ms. Josefina P. LaurelMember
Mr. Antonio Jose Q. PeriquetMember
Atty. Luis Marcos P. LaurelMember
Mr. Arthur TanMember
Academic and Administrative Officials
Pilapil, Maria Teresa O.Vice President for Administration
Maniago, Ramon C.Executive Director for Academic Affairs
Dean, Claro M. Recto Academy of Advanced Studies (Graduate School)
Celis, Mark Irvin C.Assistant Vice President for Administration
Dean, College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Alcaraz, Kimberly Joy E.Head, Research and Publications Office
Añonuevo, Carlisa A.OIC Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Avelino, Arnel M.Dean, College of Engineering, Computer Studies and Architecture
Bayot, Mhar Angelo A.Headmaster, International School
Bernardo, Raquel R.Head, Cashier’s Office
Botones, Rosalyn R.Head, Purchasing Office
Cortinas, Vincent C.Head, CPD – Admissions and Public Affairs
Cruzada, Thea Gladea M.Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Espanto, Rhia V.Assistant Head, Physical Plant and Facilities Management
Safety Officer
Estrella, Fedelyn P.Dean, College of Allied Medical Sciences
Ferrer, Lizandro O.Director, Center for Student and Alumni Relations
Ferolino, Roy E.Head, Quality Assurance Office
Data Protection Officer
Jaena, Francis Jr. P.Head, Arts and Cultural Affairs
Laurel, Javier Antonio G.Dean, College of Fine Arts and Design
Laurel-De Dios, Rosanna Margarita G.Head, CPD – Strategic and Innovative Communications
Marcos, Ramil D.Head, Community Outreach and Service Learning
Matel, Elmer C.Head, Center for Technology Enabled Education
Mawis, Ma. Soledad D.Dean, College of Law
Mojica, Mary Rose C.Head, Athletics
Ong, Ivy Claire R.Head, Information and Communication Technology Department
Opu-an, Regina Flor T.*Chief Librarian, Academic Resource Center
Pastrana, Angelique N.Consultant – University Physician, Health Services Department
Pilapil, Andrew Nico O.Head, Center for Technical Education
Quibel, Ma. Cecilia O.Dean, College of Nursing
Ramos-Almeda, Janice Kristine R.College Secretary, College of Law
Reyes, Lourdes C.Director, Human Resource Department
Ricafort, Renato R.Director, Physical Plant and Facilities Management
Rodenas, Sherry Ann A.Head, Academic Resource Center
Ronquillo, Hazel M.Head, Material Management Office
Rom, Joanne M.Group Audit Head
San Mateo, Reynaldo C.Dean, College of Business Administration
Sarmiento, Sherelyn T.Head, Guidance and Testing Center
Sto. Domingo-Sandejas, Sandra Bianca P.Chief Accountant