Educational Organization Policy

Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite is dedicated to forming world-class professionals, lifelong learners, and integral leaders. Our commitment extends to satisfying all applicable requirements, fostering a culture of continual improvement, and effectively managing intellectual property. We achieve this through the provision of quality research, instruction, community extension, and support services. Our pursuit of institutional development is guided by innovative and excellent educational organization management systems.

Educational Organization Objectives

In implementing the educational policy, Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite shall:

  1. Proactively focus on learners and other beneficiaries through engagement of interpersonal skills and work productivity in multidisciplinary, multicultural, and diverse teams.
  2. Develop learners’ visionary leadership to become innovative leaders with an inquisitive mind in looking for opportunities to reflect and apply new knowledge and skills in a positive sustainable way through research and project studies.
  3. Enact ENGAGEMENT OF PEOPLE in educational processes through planning and implementation.
  4. Employ process approach to embody lifelong learning strategies, leadership characteristics, and practical skills for one’s life and survival.
  5. Facilitate CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT of quality education through a responsive and relevant feedback mechanism through local and international quality assurance programs.
  6. Show good decision-making skills through critical thinking by weighing situations clearly and scrutinizing concerns and challenges with a rational and evidence-based decisions and approach.
  7. Foster relationship management with university stakeholders.
  8. Implement SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY through the demonstration and application of values-driven principles, ethical decision-making and sustainability.
  9. Provide educational accessibility and equity through various programs and activities.
  10. Carry out ETHICAL CONDUCT in educational programs and learning processes.
  11. Implement Data security and protection mechanisms through strict adherence with government and other regulatory bodies’ policies, standards and guidelines.

As reviewed and recommended by the Integrated Management System Committee on June 6, 2023

Approved effective June 16, 2023
Roberto P. Laurel