Center for Technology-Enabled Education

e-Learning in Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila Campus includes formal and informal classes that utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) to support instruction, training and individualize development program. It can be in a form of blended learning or full online or distance learning. E-learning supports the integration of technology in various aspects of instruction. Tools such as email, video stream, internet, and other instructional technology are being utilized in e-learning courses. 


myLPU (my e-Learning Portal) refers to the Learning Management System of Lyceum of the Philippines University. It is a tool in assisting instruction for conducting blended or distance learning classes. The infrastructure that will be used is Open LMS. 

  • Provides equitable access to learning through relevant and innovative learning environment. 
  • Integrates technology in the learning environment with more active learning by means of interactive technologies and multimedia resources. 
  • Provides unique way of learning by engaging students in collaborative work and projects. 
  • Provides the LPU graduates with the knowledge and skills required for industry, therefore ensuring high employability, whilst continuing to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance and further their careers. 
  • Develop opportunities for reflection and planning in personal learning spaces and participation in communities of knowledge, inquiry and learning; 
  • Provides individualized and personalized instructions and development programs for all stakeholders of LPU. 
  • Researches and implements new instructional strategies to remain competitive in the delivery of education; researches emerging technologies and their applications to teaching and learning.  

Project and Plans 

  1. Technology based Training – offers both formal and informal Employee Capacity Building Program on ICT Integration across various delivery modes from face-to-face to virtual learning environments.
  2. Webcast Services – offers web streaming services which deliver a live video signal in real-time to web viewers.
  3. Web-based Seminar – offers workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web or local network using Blackboard Collaborate.
  4. Mobile Learning – offers support to students and faculty members in the school policy framework, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) via myLPU Mobile App to access course materials through smartphones and other mobile devices.
  5. Digital Learning Recording Sessions – offers services in assisting faculty members in recording and deploying their learning materials through its various recording studios using advanced e-Learning tools.
  6. Learning Space Design – offers consultative services in redesigning 21st century classrooms for integrating the right fit of pedagogy, technology and architecture.
  7. Teaching with Technology: Windows in the Classroom – offers training on Microsoft Productivity tools and applications for all LPU Stakeholders and Community partners as part of the university’s CSR.
  8. Student Supports – online review classes for programs with Licensure exams and other related professional certifications (i.e., Microsoft Certifications, Adobe, CISCO and others.)
  9. Continuing Professional Development – offers program certification for professionals who are seeking CPD point as part PRC license renewal.
  10. Open University – pursue Open university and partner with QS stars’ universities around the world.