Awards and Accreditations

List of awards and accreditations as of February 15, 2021:

National Recognition – Presidential Award

•  Recipient of the PHILIPPINE QUALITY AWARD for Commitment to Quality Management (2012-Batangas Campus, 2013-Manila Campus, 2015-Laguna Campus)

•  Recipient of the PHILIPPINE QUALITY AWARD for Proficiency in Quality Management (2015-Batangas Campus)

International Accreditation

•  Global Performance Excellence Award “World Class Award” (the Highest Recognition in  Education Category), given by the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) – (Batangas Campus)

•  Certified ISO 9001:2015 by Certification International (Laguna and Batangas Campuses)

•  Certified ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Environment Management System by Societe General de Surveillance (Manila, Makati, and Cavite Campuses)

•  First University in the Philippines to be granted Full International Accreditation for Hotel & Restaurant Management and Tourism (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs) by International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE)

•   Asia’s First Investors in People (IiP) Gold (Generation 6) Accredited University (Batangas and Laguna)

•  Philippines’ First Educational Institution certified by Investors-in-People International (Silver Generation 6: Manila Campus) 

•  Philippines’ First Educational Institution awarded by Investors-in-People International (Silver Employer of the Year 2017: Cavite Campus)

• First in the Asia Pacific to be accredited INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for its Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in International Hospitality & Tourism Management by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM)   

•  First in the Philippines to be accredited INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for its International Hospitality Management and International Travel and Tourism Management programs by the Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management (APIEM) (Batangas Campus)

•   Region’s First ABET Accredited Information Technology Program (Batangas Campus)

•   PICAB Accredited Information Technology Program (Batangas Campus)

•   WORLD ASSOCIATION OF CHEFS SOCIETIES (WACS) – LPU Laguna was awarded by The World Chefs Board and Education Committee last June 2017

•    Philippine Technological Council (PTC) – LPU Laguna is accredited of BS Computer Engineering and BS Electronics Engineering

National Recognition – CHED Award

•  Granted Autonomous Status (Manila, Batangas and Laguna Campuses)

•  Philippines’ First Center of Excellence in International Hospitality Program (Batangas Campus)

•  Philippines’ First Center of Excellence for Customs Administration (Manila Campus)

•  Region’s First Center of Excellence (COE) in International Travel and Tourism Program (Batangas Campus)

•  Awarded Center of Excellence for Hotel & Restaurant Management, Business Administration, Customs Administration and Tourism (Manila Campus)

•  Awarded Center of Excellence in Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology, and Center of Development in Information Technology and Business Administration (Batangas Campus)

•  Granted IQuAME Category A Teaching University     

•  Deputized Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) (Laguna and Batangas Campuses)

National Accreditation – PACUCOA Award

LPU Manila:

•  All programs accredited by PACUCOA and certified by Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP)

•  Granted Institutional Accredited Status

•  Philippines’ First Level 4 PACUCOA-Reaccredited Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM) Program

•  Granted Level 4 PACUCOA-Accredited Status for Business Administration, Liberal Arts and Science Programs

•  Granted Level 3 PACUCOA-Reaccredited Status for Nursing, Accountancy, Customs Administration, Tourism, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, MBA, and MPA programs

LPU Batangas:

•  REGION’S FIRST University to be granted Institutional Accreditation

•  Institution with the Highest number of PACUCOA accredited programs in Region 4 for 4 consecutive years

•  Philippines’ First Level 4 PACUCOA-Reaccredited Accountancy Program

•   Philippines’ First Level 4 PACUCOA-Reaccredited International Travel and Tourist Program

•  Region’s First Level 4 PACUCOA – Accredited Nursing, International Hospitality Management, Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, Computer Science and Medical Laboratory Science programs  

•  Granted Level 4 Reaccredited Status for Business Administration and Liberal Arts programs 

•  Region’s First Level 3 PACUCOA Reaccredited Master in Business Administration Program

•   Level 3 PACUCOA 1st Reaccredited Criminology, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Psychology, Physical Therapy, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Master in Public Administration and Customs Administration programs

•  Level 2 PACUCOA 1st Reaccredited Business and Computer Management, Radiologic Technology, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Master of Arts in Psychology and Master in International Hospitality Management Programs

LPU Laguna:

•  Level 3 PACUCOA-Accredited Accountancy, Computer Studies, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and International Hospitality Management

•  Level 2 PACUCOA -Accredited Nursing, Tourism and Information Technology

•  Level 1 PACUCOA-Accredited Psychology, Multimedia Arts, Electronics Engineering, Radiologic Technology and Medical Technology

LPU Cavite:

•  Level III PACUCOA-Accredited Liberal Arts, Information Technology, Business Administration, International Hospitality Management, International Travel & Tourism Management Programs

•  Level I PACUCOA-Accredited Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

•  Level I PACUCOA-Accredited Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology, Elementary Education and Secondary Education

•  Level I PACUCOA-Accredited Multimedia Arts and Legal Studies

National Accreditation – PAASCU Award

•  Level 3 PAASCU-Accredited Communication, Business Administration, and Industrial Engineering Programs (Laguna Campus)

National Recognition – PMAP Award

•  Awarded 2014 People Program of the Year by People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)        

•  2014 Employer of the Year Finalist by (PMAP)

International Recognition – Trip Advisor (Hotel Industry)

• Traveller’s Choice Winner from 2013 to 2016 : The Bayleaf Intramuros – A research and training hotel of LPU Manila